Friday, 17 April 2015

Evaluation Question 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

The masthead is big, bold, easy to read and it stands out which attracts the eyes of the audience who will read the writing in more detail and see that it is a Hip Hop magazine. Another way I addressed my audience was using a simple colour scheme with no more than 5 noticeable differences in colour tones. This is because the people in my target audience would not be interested in very colourful things with bright colours because like more simple things such as simple layouts and colour schemes. The way I dressed my artists was to match the target audience so they can relate to the features of the magazine and they will buy it because it attracts them. 

Again for my contents page I have stuck to a simple and detailed layout which attracts the target audience because they want minimum text and usually an even amount of both images and text. I dressed the artist on the cover in expensive street wear brands that my target market audience will be interested in. these brands consist of Stussy, Undefeated, The Hundreds and Billionaire Boys Club. Another way I addressed my audience was using a very simple and readable font and also I have made the text in all capitals so it gives the contents page a detailed approach and also again unique. There are four main brands I have also dressed my artists in on this page which will again be common with the target market. These four brands are Undefeated, Crooks and Castles, The North Face and Adidas Originals. I have included the name of the magazine website at the top so the reader might visit it and will then see the features and collections of Feind magazines. They then might be interested because it is something separate to the magazine which they will find unique. Again branding is the main feature I used again on the double page spread to attract and address my target audience.

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