Sunday, 1 February 2015

Analysis of Magazine Titles

Complex - The font used for this title has two main features that stand out. These features are boldness and roundness. We see that this font is bold because of the thick letters causing the name to stand out and we also see the roundness used to pursue originality because most bold titles are squared. 

Fader - The first thing you see when you look at the title of this magazine is the filled in square around the F. The creators have done this to create a built in logo which is disguised in the title. Also they have done this so their magazine will be recognised instantly because of the uniqueness of the title and the originality of the logo. The font used is an upper-case bold font which makes the title stand out.

Rap-up - Symbolism is used within this title with the use of the word 'up' and the symbol of the arrow pointing upwards. The way that the word and symbol are combined together makes this title very unique and recognisable to buyers. This is also another way that logos can be combined with titles. Again a bold font is used to catch the eyes of the reader. 

Respect. - I think this title has a hint of uniqueness but also the creators wanted to keep it simple and not over powering which some titles can be. This is the first magazine name I have seen with a full-stop used which is a small sign of originality. Again the text is bold and big.

Vibe - The final title is Vibe. There is a hint of symbolism used within this title because the V is slightly italic. Again the use of a bold font makes the title stand out on the page.

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