Saturday, 7 February 2015

Draft Article

Devatharu has had the previlage in his career by making beats and DJ’ing for many huge artists in hip hop and grime such as JME, Stormzy and Future. As you may know the majority of his work is beat making and producing but he didn't start his career like this. He started by rapping. His first album titled ‘Tharu Rise’. CeeJay’s single was one of the first Devatharu had produced and was a great achievement that started his future in the hip hop industry.

CeeJay started his career in late 2012 with his first debut single produced by Devatharu. CeeJay was only 16 at this time which meant he was one of the youngest rappers to have made a single that reached the top 40 on the iTunes hip hop charts. In early 2013 CeeJay signed to an independent record label named Top Dawg Entertainment, TDE, which gave his career the starter boost he needed to progress in making his first album.

What was your first single called and where did you get inspiration?
Devatharu - My first single was called ‘Forever Is The Future’ which was basically a beat i made myself which took me at least a whole week to come up with because of the different bass tones. I rapped about what I thought the future held for me.
CeeJay - The name of my first single was ‘Embracing Earth’ which was about the way of evolution on this world and the way people can adapt and develop new things which is a feature I struggled with in my childhood.
Who do you look up to as role models?
Devatharu - Many people may compare me to artists like Tinchy Stryder with the way I rap but he is one of the many artists I don’t rate so I would say my role models in the hip hop industry are Biggie and 2pac

When did you first decide you were part of the hip hop industry?
CeeJay - As soon as I stepped into that studio to record my first single that is when I felt that I had joined the official world of rap.
Devatharu - This may sound unusual but I feel that when I first witnessed Skepta recording in his studio live and I was the DJ, that is the first time I became a part of the hip hop and grime industry. One of my best experiences.

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