Sunday, 1 February 2015

Audience Research

Tupac Shakur - Fans of Tupac Shakur are usually females aged from 25-39. They have average grades and are regionally based in the Midlands and London. They usually have professions in either law, consumer goods or travel and hospitality. They have less than £125 a month to spare. They have hobbies like spending time with friends and driving. They have general interests in movies, parenting and video games. Their favourite sports are boxing and football. They describe themselves as loving and motherly. They are occasionally nervous and quick tempered. They are online for almost 50 hours per week. Some of the many companies they are customers of are ps3, redbull, nandos and subway. The main brands they take interest in are Nike, Adidas and Ben Sherman. Other artists they like consist of Dr Dre, Wu-Tang Clan, The Notorious BIG and Cypress Hill. They read magazines such as More and Maxim.

Wu-Tang Clan - Fans of the Wu Tang Clan are males aged from 25-39. They also have average grades and their spare monthly money is less than £125. They are from London and the South Coast and usually have professions in law or wholesale and retail. They enjoy listening to music, going to the cinema and using the internet. They describe themselves as thinkers and imaginative but on occasion are lazy and procrastinating. Their most likely cars are Audi's or BMW's. Other artists they take interest in are Cypress Hill, Method Man and Snoop Dogg. They are online for 31-35 hours per week and read certain magazines like NME and The Wire.

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