Thursday, 22 January 2015

Analysis of 3 Magazines - Contents Page

The header on this contents page shows the word 'Contents' and also the title of the magazine in the top right corner. The way the font is bold makes it stand out from the page and also the creator of this page has made the wording very original and unique to magazines made from 'Vibe' because of the way the word is broke up into three sections. The three sections are placed very close together to show the reader this is still only one word. This also makes it fill more of the page. The colour of the header is shown as white because it is a very contrasting colour to the background that is shown which is a dark burgundy red.

The text on this page is shown on the left hand side and takes up around 20% of the page which tells you that the main parts of the page are either the image or the title. The font of the writing explaining the contents of this magazine is in quite a fancy writing and is formal. This font is also white which is again contrasting to the background colour.

The image of this contents page shows a rapper holding chains against his face and also showing his gold teeth, tattoos, and wrist accessories. The lighting shown on the rapper is in the exact places so you can see his muscular figure and also his tattoos. The background also shows a burgundy red colour and there is also a big 'V' shown to illustrate the title of this magazine.

On this contents page the word 'Contents' is not shown anywhere which is unusual in a magazine but there are other main headers on the page such as 'the A-side' at the top of the page which has a colour scheme that runs throughout the page and also the name of the magazine 'XXL'. The space of the header takes up around 20% of the page.

The text shown on the right of this page is very thorough with explaining what is in this magazine and also there are different fonts used. The use of different fonts may be to show the reader which parts of this magazine stand out and also to make the actual ext on the contents page stand out because the reader may not realise this is the contents page. This text shown on the right of the page takes up around 40% of the page which equals the amount of space the header and the image take up. The colour of this font is white to make it contrast with the background colour but the numbering on this page is shown as black which is to keep the colour scheme in the page. 

The image shown on this contents page is a full image of the rapper Dr Dre who is standing with a laid back pose and also the way the lighting is shown makes a shadow of him in the background on the text which is an original feature to have in this magazine. The way he is dressed is also sticking to the same colour scheme as the header, the text and the background. This colour scheme is red, black and white which is very popular in most hip hop magazines.

This is a contents page from the magazine 'Hip Hop Connection'. The title/header shown above the contents explanation says 'Feature' which is another word which can be used for contents. The reason why I think this magazine has used a different word is to be unique and original with their layout, design and wording of the headers. Again there is a dark background and image used so the obvious complementary colour would be white which makes the title stand out to the reader. Also the font is quite bold and easy to read. Compared to the other magazine the headers take up only a tiny part of the page which gives more room for the image and text.

The main text is shown down the left side of the page and also has sub headings that include different sizes and colours which stick to a theme and also the numbers on the side of the heading are a different colour to the text to again stand out but mainly to show a theme throughout the page. Another thing which caught my eye on this context page is the connection between the text in the bottom right corner and the image. This text shows the page number and headline of the main story from the artist. This is a unique technique for a hip hop magazine.

The image on this page shows the rapper 'Kano' who is showing no facial expressions and is looking away from the camera. An original technique shown here is the way the image is portrayed as the actual background and is shown in a close up view.

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