Sunday, 18 January 2015

Analysis of 3 Magazines - Covers

Ziet Magazin (Germany), the title for this German magazine is presented in a very neat and formal way. The font used is almost like posh and expensive newspaper headline and also inside the title there is a symbol which may also represent this magazine as well as the title. Due to there being 2 covers for this magazine the editor/designer has had to find a way to keep the title the same but still look right for both the covers. 

The way this cover is laid out is in a very messy but also very precise way. Both of the images are complimentary to the title with the use of colours. Also the font could be complimentary with the way the title still stands out even though it is not a very bold font and the images are very powerful.

Both the images shown on this magazine cover are very powerful with the actual image it self and also how they are laid out and the way they represent what the text says. The wide use of colour palettes used in this cover makes it stand out to any other magazine because it is a very unique and original idea. The actual images are of different foods and drinks but made into cartoon like characters.

The text on the first cover where it shows the purple drinks cup says 'you are what you eat' in German which relates to the the images on both covers because they shows different foods and drinks but with facial features such as eyes and mouths. 

The title for this magazine 'Esquire' is in a very urban like font and seems to blend in and match the background image but also stand out and be recognisable as the title at the same time. Another way this title stands out is because it is in a slight grey shade of colour which matches both the background and also the image of the male models costume.

The layout of this cover is very neat, detailed and precise with the way each pattern and word connects to one another and also they all have spaces between them and the image of the man and dog. Also the image is shown as the main subject of the cover because it overlaps the title and the back ground patterns do not cross it, and also it is right in the centre of the page so the first thing you see is the main image.

The image showing a man in his early 30's holding a terrier in his arm is the centre of attention in this cover because of the way he is shown in the middle of the page and is covering a tiny bit of the title which is showing the image comes before the title so it is the main part of this magazine cover.

The text in the background on this cover shows the different names of celebrities at the top who will be shown in the magazine and at the sides of the image the text shows some writing about what the main parts of the magazine are about.

'The Hollywood Reporter' is the title for this entertainment magazine which is shown in a bright and colourful cherry red colour so that the title is the first thing that catches the readers eye. There are two different fonts used for this title one is a more comic approach and the other is more formal and laid back. Also if you look at other magazines made by this company, all of their titles use the same font and almost exactly the same positioning but are always a different colour to match the theme of the cover and image.

The layout on this cover is well thought out with the colour scheme including the font, the image and the plain background. The text going through the middle of the page is a tiny bit bigger than the title but it is in a less brighter font which means the title stands out more. Also the way the text at the sides of the image do not over lap it makes the picture stand out more.

The image is the main feature on this cover because it is the top story which will be shown in the magazine which is why it is central and none of the side text over laps onto the image. The text going over Kevin Harts 'hair' is in a similar colour to the hair so it does not stand out too much but you are able to easily read what it still says.

There are a number of different texts used on this cover but there are only two colours used to keep it to a theme. The text at the sides of the image are also placed at the right positions to make the image the main subject.

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