Saturday, 24 January 2015

Analysis of Colour Palattes

This red, black, grey and white colour palette is the most used theme in hip hop magazines. This is because of the darkness of the colours and also the plain, simple and well fitting features that all of these colours have. Each colour is complementary to each other but the main ones would be black on red and white on black. This theme of colours is an option for my magazine because it will suit it well but there are also other options I can explore to make my magazine unique to other hip hop and rap magazines because most of them use this colour palette.

This is another colour palette I can use within my magazine. All 4 colours suit because they are dark and light shades and also I have not seen many hip hop magazines with this colour scheme so it will make my magazine unique and original to my own personal idea. Purple is a good colour to use for some rappers because in the industry they see purple as the colour of royalty so if I show this colour scheme then the majority of my target audience should find it interesting and attractive. 

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