Saturday, 24 January 2015

Analysis of 3 Magazines - Double Page Spread

On the first page of this double page spread we see the main artist 'Lupe Fiasco' who is facing away from the source of light and is wearing the typical 'bling' around his wrist as most hip hop rappers do. We see the headline of this article 'Fiasco @ 9:30' in a bold and capital font so that it is easy to read and stands out on the page so the reader knows what the topic is. Also the two colours used are gold and white in this title which sticks to a very hip hop like colour scheme with black gold and white. This colour scheme runs throughout both pages showing in the text on the second page and on the first page it also matches Lupe's costume. Also on the second page I like the way a quote from the rapper is used in big writing so the reader can see an insight to what he might be like and also showing a second image of him but smaller and faded.

With this double page spread, again showing an image of the artist on the first page, has a different approach to the other spreads. This is because a full image is used on the first page and the article is written in full on the second page. This is a very formal way of presenting a double page spread because of the font used on the article but mainly the way it has been laid out and represented to the reader. There seems to be no deliberate colour scheme but the colour which is most out standing is definitely the red. On this double page spread there has also been a quote shown from the artist which seems to be a popular thing in hip hop magazines. This is something I can include and take note of while producing my double page spread.

This double page spread is taken from the very popular hip hop magazine 'Vibe' who is starring the rapper 'Dee'. In this article we can see from the title it is explaining Dee's road to success and how he made it to the rapping industry. Again like the other double page spreads there is an image of the artist on the first page showing his fashion sense and culture. We also again see a quote from him which has been used with a very original and unique font which makes this magazines double page spread stand out from any other. Also we can see that there is a deliberate colour scheme and theme that runs throughout these pages which is white black and blue. we see this in the headlines, the quote and in the main image. 

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