Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Photographer / Graphic Designer / Magazine Creator


Alex Welsh - Alex Welsh is a documentary photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. The interest he has in photography lies in its ability to examine longstanding systemic problems in society and establish a dialogue with audiences to confron those issues. His clients include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Fader, Business Week, Nike, FYLP Media and The Oakland Tribune. Alex claims that he does not have a specific style or technique but that is what makes his work unique. He says he is always trying to figure out and find out what makes his work unique.

Graphic Designer:

Jack Hunter - Jack Hunter is a graphic designer and has designed covers for magazines like 'The New Yorker' and he is based in Liverpool. A company called Downtown In Business (DIB) took Jack on as an apprentice and he has now been promoted along each stage and has ended up as a graphic designer from the company that distributes his work into magazines and also other forms of social media.

Magazine Creator:

Noah Callahan-Bever - Noah Callahan-Bever began working in magazines when he was 17, serving as the senior editorial assistant at NYC's ego trip magazine. He began attending NYU, in 1997, and already spent the summer fact checking at VIBE. Through out college Noah maintained the position of contracted Writer-At-Large for VIBE's spin-off, BLAZE. In the years after leaving school Noah tried his hand at a number of related trades, A&Ring for a Sony distributed label and writing numerous programs for MTV and MTV News, however in 2002 he returned to magazines as the Editor-In-Chief of Mass Appeal. Eleven months later he was asked to be the Senior Editor of VIBE, which he did for 2 years before joining the staff of Complex as Deputy Editor in 2005.

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